Canadian Fishing with Technology

Everyone has their own techniques when it comes to Canadian Fishing. Some believe in the old methods while others are now leaning towards technology.

Camera Fishing

There are those that fish now that aware using modern technology to see what is going on under the water. They are doing this with the use of underwater cameras. There is some controversy over this.

There are those who are fishing with these cameras that say that the use of the fishing camera gives them the same thrill as traditional fishing done. They say they can actually see the fish toying with the bait and know when they are snagged.

Those who are old method fishing enthusiasts say that the fishing cameras interfere with the anticipation of sitting and waiting for that tug on the line. Also, that there are no skills needed to determine if the fish has been snagged.

What it all comes down to is a matter of opinion and what one gives them the most satisfaction during their fishing experience.

Fish Finders

Another tool that a lot of modern-day fishermen and women are relying on is the electronic fish finders. This tool can help to determine the location of the fish. This saves hours of the time of trolling the waters looking for where the fish may be. Those against the technology once again claim that this takes away from the sport. Part of the skills of a true fisherman is knowing where the fish will be even in waters they are not familiar with.

Technology is going to filter into almost every industry no matter what it may be. People are always looking for ways to make things better and more efficient. This is being applied to the fishing sport and the recreational fishing whether there are some that like it or not.