Fishing and Economic Partners

The fishing industry is one that is very important to the Aboriginal nations in Canada. They need support on many different levels to keep this industry growing and for sustainability.


The Canadian government has a great deal of input in respect to resources but even this is not enough. There has to be reliance on different financial institutions to form a variety of partnerships to assist with this.

Financial Support

There are a lot of costs that come with running a fishery and this means that those involved in it must have access to finances to help them get started. This is the role that the financial institutions like the Banks can take on. It means being more lenient in their lending terms which means they often will form alliances with other groups of interest to help support the industry.

Most often once an individual becomes established then they become more self-sufficient. Aside from being willing to lend the funds, there has to be some flexibility in the payments at the beginning to allow the new fishery business to become grounded and realize some stability and growth.

Why is This Important

The aboriginal nation has the intent of being self-sufficient and although there are different industries that will allow for this fishing has always been one of their most solid ways of sustaining their lifestyles. They have skills that are inbred in this group of Canadians and they have the right to be able to utilize them for the betterment of their communities. Their lands are rich in the necessary resources but money to sustain the industry is the priority and one that partnerships among financial institutions is able to meet.

It is important communities across Canada receive the support they need to help their regions grow. This is turn can help to open up doors for more regional economic growth.