Government Involvement in Fish and Seafood Industry

The fishing industry is an important one in Canada. Therefore the government is going to have a keen interest in it. Not only on a commercial level but it also plays an important role in Canada’s tourism.

Commercial Support

The Canadian government wants to keep the status of exporting Canadian fish strong so the make sure that they send delegations to important events like expositions. In 2016 the export value for fish was at 6.6 billion which indicated a 10% growth from the year before.


Another important industry in Canada and for each of the provinces is the tourism industry. Ontario is fortunate in that it can build part of its tourism trade on the recreational and sports fishing industry. What supports this in Ontario is the large collection of lakes and rivers. Also, the diversity of fish species that act as the attraction for different types of fishing enthusiasts.

Accommodating the Tourists

Statistics show that there are in excess of three million tourists that make Canada their fishing destination. The standards for freshwater fishing are extremely high in Canada. Both the Federal and Provincial levels of government and implemented strict rules when it comes to fishing in the country. It is estimated that on a global level that Canada holds about 20% of the freshwater reserves.

Diversity in Fishing

Most are aware of the cold Canadian winters so they assume that the fishing activity for the country is going to be seasonal. Much of it is but the winters in Canada offer up some golden opportunities for ice fishing. For some, this is an entirely new experience and as long as they can weather the Canadian cold they find it most enjoyable and rewarding. The added to the diversity is the number of different locations throughout many of the provinces that offer good fishing opportunities.