For those who like to fish, or for those who have never tried it before then Ontario is the right place to experience different types of fishing activities. There are several options to choose from.

Day Fishing Trips

There are many families that live within the various cities and towns of Ontario. When it comes down to spending some family time together many want to have a day fishing trip. This is something that all members of the family can enjoy no matter what their gender or age.

There are many fishing opportunities in the outskirts of the different cities in Ontario. This means it only takes a short drive to access them. Most often families will combine the fun of having a picnic while enjoying some fishing.

Fishing Derbys

With Ontario being such a great place to fish in often means that some of the rural towns will run some fishing derbies and contests. Both kids and adults alike look forward to these events and always enter them with the hopes of landing the big one.

Fishing Camps

Another great fishing opportunity in Ontario is the many fishing camps that are located in many of the remote areas of Ontario. These are well used by avid anglers throughout Ontario. Often drawing visitors from other parts of Canada, as well as visitors from other countries.

Ice Fishing

Canada is well known for its harsh Canadian winters but along with this comes some fishing advantages like ice fishing. This is something that is really gaining in popularity especially for visitors. There are many locations where one can rent a fish hut for a day and enjoy this amazing sport.

No matter which form of Ontario fishing one is going to participate in they must abide by the fishing rules and regulations that the province has in place.