One of the areas of extreme importance in the fishing industry is to ensure that there will be enough fish to sustain the industry and the ecosystem balances. Ontario fishing authorities take this very seriously.

Catastrophic Events

In 2016 there was a catastrophic event that created a high level of concern for all levels of government. It didn’t just involve fish but involved other types of water species. Thousand of these were washed up dead on the shores of Nova Scotia. The carcasses were comprised of over 20,000 fish along with scallops, crabs, and lobsters. This immediately created an emergency among the Canadian fisheries authorities.

The Cause

The first inclination of the authorities was that the water had become contaminated with pesticides and testing was carried out to see if the waters had been depleted of oxygen. What adds to the concern when a mass death of water life occurs is that this is not always an isolated incident. There were many fish deaths that took place in a region of Florida in the same year. The cause for this occurrence was blamed on a combination of factors concerning changes in the fish environment that led to their deaths.

The Reality

There must be a level of reality as to what is causing these occurrences. Some believe that when it is blamed on pollution or the environment that this is a lame excuse. But, in fact, it is a reality according to the scientific experts. That doesn’t mean that people don’t have any control over it. Most often it is human that lend to the instability of an environment overall. To prevent these occurrences from happening more often everyone must accept responsibility.

To preserve the fishing tourism in Ontario the Government tries to educate both residents and visitors alike as to the importance of keeping the water clean.