There are many that just like to visit Canada and enjoy some recreational fishing while they are there. Then there are others that are planning their trip to Canada specifically for the purposes of fishing. Many of these fishing enthusiasts want to really take advantage of Canadian fishing and make use of the remote fishing lodges.

Makoop Lake Lodge

This is a fishing camp that is situated in the Northwest sector of Ontario. The two main catches to be found here will be Northern Pike and Walleye. To get to this location you are looking a 1 ½ hour trip via a float plane from the Sioux Lookout.

Big Hook Wilderness Camp

There are some great fishing experiences to be enjoyed at the Big Hook Wilderness Camp. This is located at the Opasquia Provincial Park. The one important regulation is that Walleyes overs 18” or Northern over 27” cannot be kept so they must be safely released. There is an option to drive or fly to this location. For those that are flying in they will do so from the Red Lake Airport to Sandy Lake Airport, From here the rest of the trip will be completed by float plane.

Northern Caribou Camps

One of the most beautiful lakes in Ontario is the North Caribou Lake. Here one will take advantage of camp accommodations on Cemetery Island. The two main catches will be Walleye and NorthernPike. This is another fly in destination.

Pickle Lake

One of the more known Ontario destinations for fishing is Pickle Lake. There are ten outposts here that can be chosen from. To get to the outpost of choice it means having to fly in via a float plane.

These are just a few of the many wonderful examples of remote fishing in Ontario. There are several others that can be enjoyed.