One may think that there isn’t much to be learned about a fly-in fishing trip in Ontario but if they think this way, they are wrong.

What Can You Fish For?

Ontario has rules and regulations as to what can be fished for and during what time frame. There are also rules as to what size of some fish can be kept, and what has to be released. There are also rules as to how many fish can be caught in a day. This is the first thing that the fly in fisherman or woman needs to determine. The fishing lodge will have all of this information and it should be asked when one is making their reservations.

Where Should You Stay

This is going to be another challenge when you are learning about Ontario fly-in fishing. There are so many places that offer this type of fishing opportunity in Ontario. It is going to be a matter of what type of fishing you can do, how long you are going to be staying, and how much you want to rough it. You will have choices from basic fishing camps right up to elite fishing resorts. If you are an avid angler you may want to try both of these versions eventually so you can have different fly in experiences.

Your Transportation

As the name implies you are going to be flying into your destination so this travel has to be arranged. You should be given the instructions for this by the camp that you will be using. Keep in mind these are small planes so there will weight restrictions. You are going to have to learn how to pack light.

The best way to familiarize yourself with fly in fishing is to do a lot of research and ask plenty of questions.