For the fishermen and women who are going to take advantage of the some of the remote fishing locations in Ontario then there are some things to keep in mind.

Travel Plans

Many of the remote locations in Ontario that are the hot spots for fishing are not easy to get to. Quite often they will require a combination of different types of travel. Some can be reached by vehicles but the vehicles have to be ones that can handle the offroad terrain. Then there may be a need to drive to an airport and then take a plane that has the ability to land on the water. From here it will mean a short boat ride to the shore for the anglers that are going to be spending some time at a fishing lodge.

Being Prepared

Most likely if you are enjoying a fly-in you are going to be staying at the fishing camp for at least a few days. You need to be sure to check out what the facility has to offer. You may have to take a lot of your own supplies with you. But at the same time, you want to pack as light as you can considering the travel accommodations you will be utilizing. Most of the bush planes will have weight restrictions and you need to know what these are or you will be forced to leave some of your items behind.

Your Fishing Tackle

One of the tendencies is to pack a lot of tackle but you will find that you can really minimize this. Just be sure that you have the right type of tackle that is applicable to the type of fish you are going after. The more you can downsize your tackle box the less weight you are going to have.