If you are going to be enjoying some remote fishing in Ontario then you are in for a variety of different types of travel experiences.

The Car Rides

Most likely you will be participating is a car ride. If you are going to a fly-in location in Ontario for your fishing then you will need to be able to get to the fly-in planes. In most cases, the roads to these are normal. There may be a few that are cut out on rough terrain but for the most part, the rough terrain is only present when you get to the fishing destinations.

If you are going to a drive-in fishing camp then the road conditions may be much more precarious or difficult. Although for these rural areas the roads are kept in a reasonably good condition otherwise the fishing camps would suffer from getting clients.

The Plane Rides

Depending on who you have chosen to as your charter and the company in question, there will be different versions of planes that are used. These will be some version of seaplanes. How fancy they are will totally depend on the company being used. But one thing that you will encounter is that they will all have seating and weight limits.

The length of time you will be on the plane will all depend on the distance that must be traveled to the fishing camp. This could be as short as fifteen minutes for example. You need to make sure you know the flying schedule and the time you are booked for. Then make sure you are there on time. The plane is not going to wait for you especially when they will be flying other parties out as well. Unless you have chartered the plane specifically for you and your party.