When people plan on taking trips to Northern Ontario using one of the priorities on their to-do list is to do some fishing. While there are many great spots all over Ontario for this, Northern Ontario is one of the greatest regions. It can be something that is done by avid anglers or it can make for a family outing. Then thrown into the mix can be some camping at the same time.

Great Trout Fishing

Everyone will have their favorites for the type of fishing they enjoy the most. For those that like a good fight to land a fish then almost any of the species found in the remote lakes and rivers of Ontario will certainly provide that. For those that want a real trout fishing adventure then it means heading off to Temagami. Here there is a vast collection of 2,600 lakes. Part of the fishing experience will be canoeing through the various routes that have been laid out.

There are a variety of different parks where one can camp in but some will require a fly-in. It is the variations of outdoor experiences that this area offers that makes it so intriguing.

The Lady Everyln Smootwater Park is going to provide the brook trout fishermen and women with plenty of thrills. Plus there is whitewater canoeing to add to the outdoor pleasure.

Missinaibi Lake

For an area that is going to provide a choice in fishing, this is it. The region will serve those who like to fish for trout well, but there is also some great Pike to be landed here.

All it really takes is grabbing a map of Northern Ontario and taking a look at the many remote areas that are open for travel. Some may be by road and others may be fly in but there will be no shortage of choices.