Pollution of Canadian Fishing Waters

If you are going to visit Canada then you may be one of many who partake in the sport of fishing while you are there. You may wonder about the fishing conditions and the types of environment you will be exposed to.

Water Pollution

One of the concerns about anyone that is into fishing is the water pollution. There is enough in the news about how the oceans and seas are becoming contaminated with so much plastic. Pollution isn’t just a concern for large bodies of water. There must be a concern about this for any water including lakes and streams.

Ontario Struggles

Ontario like anywhere else has its own struggles with keeping its bodies of water clean and safe for the underwater environment that it is home to. They are approaching this through government regulations and creating an awareness of pollution. In many cases, those who are into fishing are respectful of keeping the water clean. But there is always a group of people that have no regard for this.

Contaminated Fish

No matter where one goes fishing, it is important to pay attention to whether or not fish contamination is present. This includes Ontario as well. For the most part, much of the fishing available in Ontario provides a safe environment for eating the fish that are caught. The Ontario government provides a wealth of information about this which anyone fishing in Ontario should be familiar with.


Anyone fishing in Ontario or making any other use of the bodies of water here should be committed to keeping the waters clean. This is a responsibility that needs to be shared by everyone. If this is not done then the consequences are huge and the sport of fishing alone will be severely impacted. Recreational fishing, as well as commercial fishing, is a big industry in Canada and it must be preserved.