Taking a Look at Fishing in Canada

While most that are traveling to Canada for the purposes of fishing there are some that are interested in the commercial fishing industry.

Fish Harvesters

It is estimated that more than 45,000 fish harvesters work in the Canadian commercial fishing industry throughout Canada with the majority working on the East Coast. Although there are a substantial number that works along the Prairie Lakes as well as the great lakes.

Skill Requirement

Those that are operating these types of businesses have to possess a lot more knowledge than what many realize. They have studied biology and migration. Then they have to develop the skills for the job they perform. Some still use older methods while many have gone with the use of modern technology.

They have to also learn how to operate and maintain their fishing boats. Which means being skilled at using navigational tools.

Different Roles

Like any industry, there are different roles and responsibilities that have to be filled. In addition to this the more experienced and skilled take on the roles of mentors. A necessity in order to keep the industry alive and operational in the future.

The Economy

There are fisheries all over the world for which they are ranked according to their economic standing. Canada is considered to be among the top five fish exporter category. The strength of the industry lies in the export of fish and seafood.


Without the proper boats that form the fleets, there is no way that this industry could thrive. Its estimated that there are about 20,100 vessels making up the entire fleets. The majority of these are owned by individuals and companies and self-operated. The size of the boat, as well as the operation, dictates the size of the crew.

Although most like to fish as a sport or for recreational purposes and Canada can meet this need. The country also boasts of a strong commercial industry.