Traveling for Fishing in Canada

For those that are planning a trip to Canada, they often wonder which provinces are the best to visit. Ontario is always at the top of the list because of its vast lands of beauty and the opportunity to enjoy many different activities outdoor.

There are many resources online that will suggest the best Canadian travel destinations but those that are looking for a fishing experience may want to do more specific research.

What Kind of Fishing Do You Want to Do?

Another big decision that is going to have to be made is what kind of fishing one wants to do because this determines what region of Ontario they are going to want to travel to.

Bass Fishing

For those that are keen on doing some bass fishing in Canada that is going to give the fishing enthusiast a real fight they will want to consider some of the following locations;

  • Winnipeg River
  • Lake Ontario
  • Rondeau Bay
  • Lake Simcoe
  • Bay of Quinte
  • Ottawa Rive
  • Lake Erie

Pickerel Fishing

Ontario is particularly known for its Pickerel fishing and some of the common travel destinations for this are;

  • St. Lawrence River
  • Ottawa River
  • Bay of Quinte
  • Niagara River

Planning for the Fishing Trip

Once an individual has made up their mind as to where they want to travel to in Canada they will need to plan their fishing trip. It may mean extra planning and travel arrangements to get to one of the fishing lodges or fishing camps. These can be isolated so travel must be arranged and a specific date and time must be arranged for.

These establishments are popular. The time of year must be considered. The Canadian winters can be harsh. But the thought of doing some ice fishing should not be ruled out. This is another segment of the fishing sport in Canada that is super exciting.